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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Today at 09:05:34 AM »
Sometimes, it has to do with the content of the reporting, or personal friction. There are feuds that kick off over nothing in a locker room and are resolved in print over decades. But it’s more fundamental than that.

There are players I’ve covered for years, talked to many times about all sorts of things. I think I know them, at least a little.

Then one day, we’ll walk past each other in the street, our eyes meet and they don’t recognize me. Not at all.

As media, we are locker-room background – as animate as grease boards and laundry hampers. You can’t remember what you haven’t really seen in the first place.

Then you’ll run into the same guy in a Starbucks lineup on the road and end up talking to each other about nothing. Maybe he’ll see you embracing an old coach of his. Or he’ll wander into an actual human conversation you’re having with the GM about families or movies or a mutual acquaintance.

All of a sudden, and in that instant, you become a real person. And that player never forgets you, sometimes even years later. It’s bizarre, and it happens all the time in this business.

Once that’s happened, you’ll never rip that guy in print. You’ll criticize, but the ripping days are over. He’s not just someone you cover any more. He’s someone you know.

This has very little to do with the job. It’s human nature.

Once you’ve seen and been seen, you’ve crossed a bridge together. Empathy’s part of it now. It may not affect the content of your work, but it certainly has an impact on the tone. From then on, disagreements are squashed one-on-one. You’re not friends, but you show each other a rough sort of respect.

Some players don’t get that basic calculus, which is fine. They’re free to behave as they’d like. They have a right to expect that things never get personal – though “personal” means different things to different people.

Beyond that, they have no rights. What they have is the environment they’ve created for themselves.

The question only a few take the time to ask themselves is “What do I want?” If you would like to see the best part of yourself reflected in the way people report on you, then you show it. If you don’t care, then don’t bother.

How anyone comes away from the win last night thinking it occurred for any reason other than Luongo's injury is beyond me.  Montoya gave up 3 goals on 15 shots including one goal when he playing like a hobbled old man.

Yup, there weren't really any signs that the team turned a corner or anything. Tank nation can probably breath easy as long as every game from here on out doesn't include the Leafs playing against a goalie whose basically a shooter-tudor from here on out. The fact that they only scored one goal against Montoya in that condition is a little embarrassing.

Plus...they weren't going to lose every game between the deadline and the end of the season.  Is every win going to be "lol pressures off now the wins come"?  Pretty sure they won a couple in a row only a week or so ago, then lost a few in a row.

There goes the Leafs bad luck.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Clarkson for horton
« on: Yesterday at 09:30:09 PM »

Oh god that's too funny.

I hope Leafs called no take-backsies.

Looks like they've finally decided to move Phaneuf back to the right side. A big change in my opinion of him has occurred while he's played on the left side where he's basically never played in the NHL. It'll be interesting to see if I notice an improvement in play. Or if I even watch enough games over the next two months to care.

Small sample too, but Phaneuf-Gardiner has 52.6% CF in around 344 5v5 minutes in their career.  Really the last time Phaneuf was over 50% CF with a partner was Beauchemin.

So maybe something to watch.

Phaneuf on right side for first time (I think) this season.  Mostly played RD his career before this season.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 07:36:36 PM »
This is too good not to share.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 06:35:53 PM »
Please stop throwing jerseys it hurts

Please stop giving sympathy to these clowns who can't be bothered to follow the rules.  Buying a ticket doesn't entitle you to throw stuff on the ice.  You face the consequences of your own stupid actions.

Sorry, never meant to insinuate that I agreed with or sympathize with jersey tossers...just see it as another in a long line of excuses that have nothing to do with their play on the ice.

(For the record I disagree with throwing jerseys on the ice during play, after play? I see it as no different then rats, octopi, waffles ect if anything its pretty easy to pick up and doesn't harm the playing surface. I wouldnt do it myself, I don't think its a 'good thing' to have anyone throw anything but if they have to at least its not pouring beer on people)

Ever since I was a little kid, a guy scores a hat trick ... folks tended to throw stuff on the ice ... like hats or Maple Leafs caps.

I think a fairly recent hat trick (in the last 5 years) by Crosby got close to 1,500 hats tossed on the ice in Pittsburgh.

EDIT: don't know if this was the same night

I never saw anyone thrown out or banned for it. Am I missing something or is this a double standard?

It's not a double standard, but it certainly is an exception to the rule.  There is a whopping difference between something that is a part of the tradition of the game and someone throwing something in the middle of play.

"The Canadian Tire Centre's policy is that any patron who would throw items onto the ice would be ejected from the CTC," Brian Morris, the Senators' senior director of communications, told the Sun.

My OHL rink also does "chuck a puck" or a teddy bear toss on certain nights.  But you'd still get in trouble for throwing your jersey on the ice during the game.  It's not hard to understand there are certain things arenas allow and things they don't.

It's the slippery slope argument - so you can throw hats on the ice after a hat-trick, that means I can throw my jersey, I guess I'm allowed to throw my food on the ice....

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 03:36:23 PM »
EDIT: to Potvin29's point: Phaneuf is the captain of this sinking ship. I think some criticism of him and his role as captain in this isn't unfair.

Criticism of his play and his role of captain is ok, it's the method by which it's done that is the issue.  From my point of view, the media often seems like they have their article written before the game and before actaully speaking with the players.  They know that negative sells right now so that's what they are going to focus on.  You can see that Phil has given up on the Leafs and it's not because of ownership, management or fans but rather the insane gaggle of media that sniff the Leafs jocks daily. 

I personally applaud Kessel for standing up and saying something and defending a teammate.

And I don't think the issue was ever that SOME criticism isn't fair.  Nobody has said that they deserve no criticism.  So it's disingenuous to try to frame it as that.  Kessel clearly said he was upset with the amount of criticism and manner of it that he's taken (and was clearly pushed to finally say something by the tweet aired by TSN).

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 03:25:22 PM »
Kessel has made it quite clear as to who he blames for this mess.  (hint it's obviously not him and its obviously not Dion or any of the other players).

Kessel said that Dion 'didn't build this team' or something to that effect.  That's as big a shot at Nonis/management if there ever was one.

He's not wrong...he's not 100% right either.

Phaneuf didn't build the team seems 100% right in my understanding of Phaneuf's role in management.

My rough guess right now is that "par" is around "eat $2 mil/yr" and they can get something of value in terms of a mid-to-decent prospect/pick back. They're not going to get anything for him straight up.

Even if that was the return, they'd be "getting something" because in a cap world, cap space has value.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 01:34:45 PM »
I wish he'd take some of his frustration out in the corner when he's going for a puck.

Some of the media coverage has been awful over the years. No question. It's been a problem for a long time.

Maybe some of the fan and media reaction of late has been tough for the players to take and over the top at times but what the players have done on the ice has been pretty difficult to swallow too.

No one would be howling nearly as loudly if they were playing as well as they're being paid.

Year   Team Rank
2015      27th
2014      22nd
2013      10th
2012      25th
2011      22nd
2010      29th
2009      24th
2008      24th
2007      18th
2006      18th

... one playoff round in last 10 seasons (worst record for that in hockey I think - if not close to it - maybe worst won/loss as well - don't know for sure on that but it's bad)

... as we shuffle off for a rebuild meaning more playoff-less seasons after 10 years of retooling didn't work out ...

It's been pretty tough to take as a fan too, Phil, and you ought to know, as you've been here for six of those seasons. My sympathy is kind of limited.

So?  It's not mutually exclusive and none of his comments were saying that they should be absolved of anything.  He said he thinks Phaneuf gets unfairly singled out and criticized.  That's it. 

You can think someone gets unfairly criticized without that also meaning the team should be absolved of blame.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 01:26:56 PM »
I do think the Toronto media is a little bit out of control sometimes, but that doesn't absolve the players from being uninspired on the ice.

No one says it does.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs vs. the Media
« on: Yesterday at 01:26:10 PM »
I know if Canada's most watched sports network posted a tweet saying my wife was sleeping with one of my teammates during one of their most watched shows of the year I'd be like "oh well I'm a robotic millionaire! Bank time!"

It's almost like these guys are human beings, with feeling and stuff. It's like they care about how they're perceived and about their relationships with their teammates, their spouses, etc. Shocking.

I think there's this general idea that they're doing something super easy to make millions of dollars and so they should never say anything remotely negative about their line of work.  They spend a significant amount of time away from their families, they do something dangerous (with present and potentially future health concerns), they do in a very public way, if they have children the children are potentially exposed to all sorts of things said about them (that Lupul tweet TSN aired will be on the internet forever - what if Phaneuf or Lupul have kids in the future and read that? Would you want your kids to read that sort of stuff?).  They have to stay in shape year-round or lose their job.

There's all sorts of aspects that would be trying for a person and that money won't just paper over.  Yes, obviously making millions is a big reason why you would continue to do that sort of thing and would make doing so worthwhile for you - but that doesn't mean you are just able to then ignore everything else.  Or at least not everyone will.

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