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Who cares what Mike Commodore says, he's the guy who claimed Scott Arniel cut him in Columbus because he was jealous that Commodore was single and had money while Arniel had a family.

Guy has a few screws loose.

lol Bernier

Bad luck for Matthias there, off his skate and instead of into the gaping net it goes directly into the post.


Who is Rob Madore and why is he the backup instead of Sparks?

So that Bibeau and Sparks can start for Orlando and Toronto?

That's the only reason I can think of, unless there is an injury.

Kapanen is out with a virus, might be something going around other players too.

Kadri looks really good.

EDIT: Not sure why Detroit was allowed to interfere with Kadri to prevent a 2 on 1 but 2 calls against Leafs already.  And no I don't care if you want them to lose.

And Lupul still lazy defensively.

Nylander opens the scoring for the Marlies.

Marlies open their season tonight.  This may or may not be a streaming link.  ;)

Oh and Cecil has a tear in his calf so he's done.

Toronto sports!

I'm dumbfounded by this ump.

Well that's not good.  Down two runs now and that was a routine fricking ground ball played absolutely perfectly and Delino DeShields is stupidly fast and beats it out anyway.

He's fastest to first in the league.

Once again hardly any well hit balls.

Pretty sure it was the Texas pitcher who chirped him and Donaldson replied.


Would be nice if some of the Jays contact would find a gap at some point.

Wow I can't believe he called that strike 3 on the Rangers.

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