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Good move by EDM.  Maybe they'll finally get some traction.

All Chiarelli needs to do is sign a future Norris winning defenceman on July 1st and steal a young franchise goalie away from some other team. Easy-peasy.

I love the fact that the press release doesn't once mention Craig MacTavish, the teams previous GM:|EDM|home

I hope they name him coach again.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2015 NHL Entry Draft
« on: Yesterday at 12:56:48 PM »
I don't think it's just his size.  IMO, it's just his offensive production.  I love his size - but historically players who fail to produce significantly in their jr. draft seasons also fail to significantly produce offensively in the NHL.  I do have concerns that if he is able to physically dominate in jr, why can't he put up better offensive numbers?  There could be a whole host of reasons - but IMO, if you're a top 10 pick you would overcome that.

This is kind of what I mean though. Everybody knows that there are issues with Crouse's point production this season. Instead of asking if there are any viable reasons for the lack of production the anti-Crouse crowd tends to just say that the points should be there and they often point to his size as the reason for why he's ranked so high. Are Crouse's scoring problems because he just isn't offensive talented? Given what I've read from scouting reports a lot of them say that he does have good offensive skills. That's the big difference here for me between Crouse and guys like Biggs and Gauthier. They had noted limitations even at the time of the draft in regards to their offensive potential. I don't really get that sense with Crouse. Scouts say that he's often creating scoring chances himself.

So the question becomes if his low scoring isn't related to his lack of skills what's the deal? I think I brought up a bunch of very real explanations. His teammates can't score goals, his team has an extremely low shooting percentage, and his on-ice shooting percentage is likely unsustainably low. Aside from that, is it possible that he personally just had a cold streak that effected his point totals? He finished with 51 points in 56 games. He was a point-per-game player from January to March. If he doesn't go cold for a couple of weeks in November he likely hits the PPG mark for the entire season and then what? Are we still having this conversation?

Like I said, these all seem like things we would be looking at from an analytical perspective if a situation like this was happening in the NHL. I just find it interesting that it's largely the analytical community leading the anti-Crouse campaigns.

General NHL News & Views / Re: Sharks fire McLellan
« on: Yesterday at 12:01:27 PM »
That would go perfectly with all the other mistakes the Sharks have made in the past year.

Are we sure that's how it works?  Are executives that are relieved of duty still considered for compensation?

Yes. Apparently even a lot of GMs/executives thought that originally wasn't the case, but Bill Daly confirmed that it was. As long as they're still under contract teams have the right to request compensation.

I kind of understand both perspectives - if the Oilers decided not to hire him because of the compensation (their 2nd round pick is pretty high, after all), then the Bruins would have to pay him to do nothing until either his contract expires or he does eventually find a job somewhere.

Would the Bruins really be that desperate just to get out of his contract though? I mean are they that tight for cash? Also, Chiarelli's one of those guys that will definitely be in pretty high demand. If the Oilers won't give up a 2nd for him, I would imagine some other team would (or a 3rd if they wait until after the draft).

Also, something else that I forgot about, the Oilers wouldn't have to give up their 2nd rounder for next season. I believe they can defer it for up to 5 years.

It would be a second round pick since it is a GM hiring before the draft, wouldn't it?

Yup, thanks for the correction. So the questions are, would the Oilers give up a likely early 2nd round pick in order to hire Chiarelli, and are the Bruins insane for not demanding one? I think the answer to both of those is probably "yes".


Per McKenzie, this will be announced today. Sounds like Chiarelli will go to the top of the pyramid while Lowe and MacT go down a peg. If I was an Oilers fan I wouldn't be satisfied until those 2 are completely out of the organization. Although I guess this is a good first step.

Boston beat reporter Joe Haggerty has reported that the Bruins will not seek compensation here. They're just happy to have his remaining 3-year contract off the books. I really don't understand that thought process, do they think the Oilers wouldn't have hired him if it meant giving up a 3rd round pick?

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2015 NHL Entry Draft
« on: Yesterday at 08:44:13 AM »
I wonder how much of an impact Stromes's play in the OHL playoffs would have on his draft position. How much weight does a team like Arizona (or the Leafs for that matter) put on players playoff performance in his draft year? He has kind of fizzled out a bit since the last series. If he continues to struggle to score, does his stock drop, or have the scouts already made up their minds on him, based on his terrific regular season?

Which series is the last series?  If it's since Erie's actual last series, they've only played 1 game.

I think he meant a drop from round 1 to round 2. Strome had 8 points in 5 games against Sarnia and then 3 in 4 against London. I'm guessing that had something to do with the strength of those particular opponents (although London and Sarnia had a similar goals against in the regular season).

To answer the question though I doubt 4 games makes a difference in this case. I would actually think the teams in the top-5 at least probably have their draft board all set by now.

Some information on him/the signing from TheLeafsNation:

1. He played on the 2012-13 Soo Greyhounds managed by Mr. Kyle Dubas and Dubas was the GM who drafted him into the OHL. So he's certainly a familiar asset.

2. He's 5'9, so he's teeny tiny by goaltender standards. Hopefully this is what has held him back from getting more attention and he's in fact the most talented goaltender of his generation.

3. While his numbers don't leap off the page at you (.907 save percentage) the number of games he played does (59 GP, 86% of the season). OHL goaltending stats are rarely impressive, but what is a bit more impressive is a team forgoing a tandem in junior in favour of one goaltender.

4. Nichols is the second Guelph Storm goaltender in the Leafs system (Garret Sparks being the other). Both of the goaltenders worked with Matt Smith, he may be a name to watch for as someone who eventually joins the Leafs in some capacity.

While I may be reaching at optimism here, Nichols is another worthwhile, no risk signing, with some potential for upside. It is a safe bet that Nichols won't see much time with the Marlies in the 2015-16 season due to current goaltending depth and will be Orlando bound. If Reimer or Bernier are moved and one of the Leafs current AHL goaltenders is promoted to NHL backup there is the potential for Nichols to see more work, but he will likely be the ECHL backup next season.

Probably not really anything to get all that excited about. He was also only signed to a try-out contract, so there's no guarantee at this point that he'll be anywhere in the organization next season.

Forsberg's pretty upset at being snubbed for the Calder huh

Yeah, it's hard to disagree with a lot of what he says.

Well, I mean, I don't think it's actually that hard. Those two Boychuk/Ference videos in particular I don't really know what Subban did wrong there. Subban gave Boychuk a lovetap after Boychuk tried to hit him low. Who cares? As for the Krejci hit, it wasn't an elbow to the head, and he left his feet on impact. That's a clean hit.

My biggest problem with that rant is that a Bruins fan complaining about another player/team diving is pretty much the funniest thing ever as they're probably the most guilty team in the league when it comes to that stuff:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

And then slewfooting? Come on, that's practically Marchand's middle name.

A Bruins fan wrote that? lol

General NHL News & Views / Re: Round 1: Ducks (P1) vs. Jets (W2)
« on: April 23, 2015, 07:12:42 PM »
They went into the playoffs as one of the better possession teams in the league, especially since the trade deadline (see below) so I'm not sure why you think they'll have a big regression unless you think it will be solely due to goaltending?  I think it was clear they didn't have enough playoff experience AND they were dealing with too many injuries to beat the Ducks.  Now they have some experience in the playoffs and hopefully they can be healthy next year.  Goaltending, I agree, still remains a question mark.

- According to Scott Cullen "The Ducks (54.4%) and Jets (54.1%) also have the best score-adjusted possession stats since the trade deadline of any teams in the playoffs..."

Yeah, it's largely goaltending. Pavelec had a .920 save percentage this season. He was a .904 goaltender the 3 seasons before that. I can't see him being over .910 next season. I do think that the Jets have a pretty good team beyond goaltending though.

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