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Yeah but it was against Belarus so can we really even count it?

He had 2 goals and an assist against them. Using NHLe that translates to roughly 0.8 goals and 0.4 assists against an actual country. Not bad.

General NHL News & Views / Re: World Championships thread
« on: Today at 03:42:22 PM »
IIHF's official Power Rankings for this tournament:


Finland doesn't care if Laine goes first overall, Puljujarvi-Barkov-Laine is going to be a force for them internationally for the next 10+ years.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Decisions, decisions
« on: Today at 01:15:42 PM »
I don't know what benefit it is to Detroit in trading the contract since as soon as he is gone he will be suspended without pay for the year.  That would mean that Detroit have 15 players signed for $58 MIL including Datsyuk giving around $16 MIL for 8 players.  Tight but not impossible.

Phoenix might be able to use the cap space.

Well Mrazek will need a raise, so that'll take up a larger than average slice of their remaining cap. And they were barely a playoff team with 66 games of Datsyuk this season. If you drop that GP to 0 and replace him with a league average player they aren't getting back in.

General NHL News & Views / Re: World Championships thread
« on: Today at 11:38:12 AM »

I don't know if I like Hungary's chances on Sunday.

Hajrá Magyarország!

General NHL News & Views / Re: World Championships thread
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The US always has a hard time getting players to play in this tournament, goalies especially. Kinkaid/Condon. There's probably 11 better American goalies out there, and only 2 of them are still in the playoffs right now.

Then again Canada has Cam Talbot and Calvin Pickard as their goalies.

General NHL News & Views / Re: World Championships thread
« on: Today at 10:31:38 AM »
Also, did Oprah attend the 2012 draft and just give every team a really good dman?

Lol, Edmonton.

Not only did they fail to draft one of those defencemen, they also traded a 1st and a 2nd round pick to acquire the only one who looks like a bust.

General NHL News & Views / Re: World Championships thread
« on: Today at 09:47:12 AM »
Anyone who wants to watch CAN vs. US can find a streaming link here:

Why Drafting Patrik Laine 1st Overall is Ridiculous

Again, not to take anything away from Matthews because, again, I'd draft him 1st overall, but I wouldn't really use NHLe when dealing with leagues like the NLA. There's just not nearly enough data there to get an accurate read on how a player's numbers would translate from there to the NHL because there hasn't been enough players to go from the Swiss leagues to the NHL. Even most of the Swiss players in the NHL didn't play there. The fact that NHLe would rate it above the Finnish league alone seems off.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Donald
« on: Yesterday at 03:23:40 PM »

I'm genuinely surprised that he's not wearing a sombrero.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official Movie Thread
« on: Yesterday at 02:56:24 PM »
Probably a wet blanket here, but the addition of heels and such revealing "boob armor" on the girls is a bit much.

I didn't even look long enough to notice. Boob armour? So stupid, but (unfortunately) somewhat expected. Heels though? What the hell?

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official Movie Thread
« on: Yesterday at 01:37:07 PM »


The set photos of Elizabeth Banks as Rita made me question whether this is a real movie or not. I think we're being punk'd guys.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Decisions, decisions
« on: Yesterday at 12:11:46 PM »
See, where I got to where I am on Bozak's value is I tried putting myself in the shoes of a team like that. Say you and me are running the Red Wings or Hurricanes. You're the GM, I'm the VP of Hockey Operations or somesuch. What case are you making to me for trading Bozak? What problem does he solve over and above taking the money you'd be paying him and overpaying for the best 3rd line-ish C on the market without giving up a trade asset?

I'm not saying it couldn't happen, I'm just saying I can't make that case.

Like I said, both of those teams in particular have pretty big holes at 2C. Both teams seem to be in a playoff/compete mode, so it's a hole they'll have to fill. The UFA market actually seems to help the Leafs in this case because there's not actually lot of 2Cs there. You have your 1Cs (or at least guys who will be paid like one) in Staal, Backes, and of course Stamkos. But after that the remaining centres are Gaustad, Gordon, B. Richards, Nielsen, Spaling, Helm, Horcoff, Fiddler, Moore. All bottom-6 options.

So if a team like Carolina or Detroit strikes out with the big-3, and I'm not sure Carolina can open their wallet for those guys and Datysuk's contract will cause serious headaches for Detroit this summer, then they'll have to look at trade options. And as you said, Bozak's been a consistent 50-point-ish player who wins faceoffs. His scoring might come from powerplay opportunities but he'll get those on other teams too if they're using him as a 2C. I think that if Bozak was a UFA right now I think he would probably get a 2-year deal worth $4.2mil from some team. The term remaining there seems fairly appealing.

Is dropping down 10-ish spots in the draft (I'll admit that CAR's early pick seems unlikely in this situation, but moving their LA pick seems possible) worth acquiring an average 2C with friendly term? They're not going to find a Tyler Bozak for free on July 1st, and I'm not sure how many other teams are looking to just ditch a 2nd line centre like this. A trade would require the team to either not be in love with a prospect in that range and/or think a prospect that they do like would still be available by the time Pittsburgh's pick comes.

(edit:) That's why I think using Bozak as bait to move up, whether it's with Pittsburgh's pick or Toronto's 2nd rounder, is a better option than just trying to trade Bozak by himself for a trade pick. A team could still conceivable come away with the prospect they wanted all along and get a 2C.

Now as I write this out I notice the fairly obvious huge problem which is that the draft happens before free agency. So a team will have to think that they can't compete for Stamkos/Staal/Backes ahead of time and wants a better centre than Paul Gaustad for their secondary scoring line.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs signed Zaitsev
« on: Yesterday at 10:47:12 AM »
Ryan Whitney with a few more words on Zaitsev:

“I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people,” Whitney said. “The physical part of the game will be different for him in the NHL, but the way he moves the puck and skates and how defensive you now have to be to play, it just really makes you think he can be really successful for the Leafs.”

"Just smooth as silk out there, great skater, light on his feet. Not a huge guy, but in today’s NHL you don’t really need to be," Whitney said. "He really kind of controlled the pace of play out there the way he always had his head up and was great at getting the puck out. Guys couldn’t really get a piece of him, for the ones that did hit over there.

"But on the power play he walked the line. He got lots of shots through and really kind of led their team as a young defenceman. I remember thinking, ‘Who is this kid? Was he draft eligible or was he drafted?’ I remember being really surprised to see that."

With potentially him, Carrick, Rielly, and Gardiner we are going to have a very, very mobile blueline next season.

Lou also said that everyone in the organization thinks he can play in the top-4.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Decisions, decisions
« on: Yesterday at 10:34:03 AM »
Forgot Carolina has LA's pick too, looks like it'll be 21st. If getting into the teens doesn't work value-wise (I have no idea), I'd probably settle for that too.

Carolina's always liked ex-Leafs, Hunwick would be a good Liles-replacement for them. Let's send all our junk there.

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