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David Alter ‏@dalter  2 minutes ago
Seth Griffith will report directly to the Toronto Marlies

God I'm smart.


I am very excited to get the trade for Landeskog bandwagon going.


Dare to dream

Yeah, Landeskog would be an amazing get. Sakic is also definitely a GM who can probably be taken advantage of by Lou too.

1) Sign Shattenkirk
2) Trade for Landeskog
3) Don't wait until late August to sign a back-up goalie in the summer

(admittedly, pretty pipe-dreamy)

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2016-2017 Injury Thread
« on: Today at 10:28:44 AM »
The sens announced today that MacArthur won't play this season:

Apparently Clarke hasn't had any symptoms for awhile now but it's a decision that the doctors have made. Honestly I was pretty surprised when I heard talk about him coming back. When he initially went down it really sounded like he was done for good. All the best to him, sen or not I'll always be a fan of Mac.

Ice-time through 2:

Gardiner - 18:26
Polak - 15:34
Zaitsev - 14:56
Hunwick - 13:53
Carrick - 08:34
Corrado - 07:14

I absolutely love these Kadri-Matthews-Nylander shifts after a PK.

That's another weak-ish call.

edit: Although was admittedly caused by a mishap on his part. Just the call itself was weak.

Thought that Corrado looked pretty decent that period.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs claim Seth Griffith off waivers
« on: Yesterday at 01:22:20 PM »
Are we allowed to pick him back up, if he comes down the list to us?



Not gonna happen, but a boy can dream...

I dunno, if the Leafs are the only team to claim him they can send him directly down to the AHL. When the Leafs put him on waivers he probably went through about half the league, I'm not sure exactly where Florida was on the pecking order at that time. So if they feel like he can go through the rest of the list unclaimed this time it might be worth trying to grab him and stash him on the Marlies. Especially considering it looks like Kapanen might be out for awhile.

Kristen Shilton ‏@kristen_shilton  21 hours ago
#Marlies updates from today: Brooks Laich was back skating this morning at MCC. Kasperi Kapanen spotted on crutches w/ boot as well.

And this per Craig Custance in an ESPN Insider article:

The Marlies have subsequently indicated that Kapanen will miss eight weeks with a lower-body injury.

Not good news.



Was just keeping him fresh for the impending playoff run.

Didn't Corrado say he wasn't a "Babcock" guy?

That would be pretty glaring.

Here's what he said regarding Babcock:

“I talked to Lou and he’s been supportive with me,” Corrado said. “He told me he likes me, and he wants me here. It does make me feel better about the situation, but at the end of the day, the coach is the one who makes the lineup and if the coach doesn’t like you, then you’re not going to play. And that’s where I’m at right now.”

Sure, but what part of that is particularly shocking? He's been scratched a million times. Babcock wouldn't be doing that without a reason. There's clearly something Babs doesn't like about Corrado as a player.

Lance Hornby wrote this regarding Corrado in his article today:

But after snapping in public a few weeks ago about sitting so long, which included a shot at head coach Mike Babcock, he won back favour by accepting a two-week, seven-game conditioning stint with the Marlies that ended Sunday.

I swear to god, Corrado's comments that day have gotten more and more vicious after every week that's passed. What he actually said really wasn't all that controversial or noteworthy. He certainly didn't "snap" and he certainly didn't take any shots at Babs.

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