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Odd that they'd take Weber if they're asking for that much from Edm.

1) Montreal obviously thinks that Weber is better than Subban, so their value system is a little off.

2) I'm fairly certain Chiarelli just took over Ryan Rishaug's twitter account for an hour there for damage control.

I think that the most logical explanation for Stamkos not taking Tampa's offer when it was originally made was that he wasn't crazy about the terms of it. He thought that as we got closer to July 1st and more and more teams became interested Yzerman would blink and raise his offer. But that was a game of chicken that Stamkos clearly lost.

Hands up if you're rooting for Nashville next season.

Subban/Nashville will be next years Kessel/Pittsburgh. Weber will win the Norris because he's due.

Didn't the flyers create that contract and Nashville matched it to keep him?

Yeah, it was from their offer sheet. Which makes Nashville potentially being punished for it even crazier.

Weber's potential cap recapture penalties if he retires early (via stanleycupofchowder):

That whole thing was just insane by the NHL. I have no idea how it was approved. Imagine Weber retires with 1 year left on his deal?

Gord Miller ‏@GMillerTSN  1 minute ago
Bottom line on the Subban trade, from an NHL GM: "If you think Subban is one of the 15 best D-men in the NHL, it's a bad deal.  I don't."

There's an NHL General Manager out there who thinks he can name 15 defenceman better than P.K. Subban.

Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun  3 minutes ago
The Red Wings by the way, would have loved to pitch Newport/Stamkos, but never got the chance this week.

Huh, that's a little surprising. Guessing there were only a handful of serious contenders.

Conor McKenna ‏@mckennaconor  5 minutes ago
Subban: "I feel a whole lot closer to winning a Stanley Cup after today's trade." Brutal honesty.

Аrpon Basu ‏@ArponBasu  1 minute ago
Subban was asked flat out if he felt unwanted in Montreal. Said he felt wanted by fans and community, and that Habs paid him a lot of money.

PK's the best.

I mean, it's an obvious win for Poile, but unless you really think Bergevin is an idiot then you'd have to imagine there's some off-ice factors at play here that drove the deal.  (And no, I'm not suggesting racism among them.)

But what if I do?

I'm not crafting my sarcastic comments very well today. In my defence, my mother-in-law just left after a 4-day visit.

Hah, fair enough, my bad.

I am surprised at how lopsided most seem to think this is.  Weber has declined THAT much?  Or is this all projection based on age.

He's not good at defense, not even in the way offensive defensemen can be good at defense.

Shot suppression is pretty good, though.

Think you read that chart wrong. The white colour is for the background, not the bar.

Isn't it the same as Vinny?

His contract was signed after the NHL put in certain rules against back-diving deals, so his isn't eligible for cap recapture penalties.

I guess it'll be worthwhile remembering how this turned out when it comes time for the rumors of Matthews going home to PHX.

To what? Play for their arena football team?

I'm pretty sure they'd be hit with a cap recapture penalty if he retires early.

I'm sure someone will look into this eventually, but I think Nashville would get hit even harder since they're who benefited the most from the cap savings. I seem to remember that being a thing with Vancouver when Luongo was traded.

Regarding Tampa's cap situation, the following players have 2 years left on their deals: Carle ($5.5mil AAV), Filppula ($5mil AAV), and Garrison ($4.6mil AAV). I think Filppula and Garrison are definitely movable at those rates. Carle's contract is pretty bad, but a year from now maybe they can entice a team to take it.

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