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It's not like this would be the first time Mike Babcock showed irrational love/loyalty towards somebody who arguably wasn't playing close to a NHL level because of leadership/intangibles.

See: Dan Cleary.

For whatever it's worth, I'd rather see Polak in the line-up over Hunwick in those pairings above. For 3 reasons. 1) Hunwick's already given me 6 games worth of evidence to tell me he doesn't deserve to be in the line-up. 2) It would at least balance out the lefties and righties. And 3) a properly used Polak is more likely to get something at the deadline than a properly used Hunwick. But at some point Corrado would need to be given a chance to supplant him.

Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters  12 minutes ago
Leafs D at practice:


Hey, looks like Polak's on the outs again.

The nicest thing about Matthews is that it isn't just a 1-2 game stretch that put him up there.

Game 1 - 4 points
Game 2 - 0 points
Game 3 - 1 point
Game 4 - 1 point
Game 5 - 2 points
Game 6 - 2 points

That consistency is beautiful.

Ditto for Nylander. Points in every game except the Boston one (which oddly enough was the only game they won).

HM Kadri

I mean that's absolutely a trip on Rielly but whateves.

Hey guys, I don't think Hunwick and Polak are good at this hockey thing. Exact same play as the other day.

Put Matthews and Nylander out shorthanded.

The 4 minutes for a scrape on a high stick while other similar plays can draw blood or worse and only be 2 minutes makes a lot of sense.

I absolutely hate the blood rule. One of the dumbest things in the rulebook yet nobody talks about how dumb it is.

Good thing we let Bozak do nothing so that we wouldn't get more of the Matthews PP unit. 

The Leafs have one of the best powerplay rates in the league yet that entire line doesn't have a point on it.

Bozak group ices the puck. Always the sign of a PP that's clicking.

Nylander helps force the turnover, Matthews snipes.

All Hyman though.

*watches Hunwick roam around aimlessly in the defensive zone*

Grit! Leadership! Rahhhh!

On the bright side, Nylander's still looked really good tonight. Even aside from the goal.

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