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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Tank Nation UNITE!!!
« on: Today at 06:41:25 PM »
Go one way or another. Either abolish the draft entirely or keep some small lottery for the worst teams. If a team wants to blow a season away in hopes it'll improve their future I say let them.

I disagree. I mean for starters the idea that a not very good team for 82 games can go on a hot run offensively and win the cup seems to just be the flip-side of what I'm saying.

But let's run with your premise. Let's say the Kings were, in fact, a world beating offensive team despite finishing 26th in the league in goals per game and became their true selves in the playoffs. Ok, well, then we see a team like Pittsburgh get knocked out every year because despite being a team with very good offensive players, they get crummy goaltending.

So the determining factor there is still goaltending. Even if it would be less accurate to say that Pittsburgh won "because" of Fleury getting hot I don't think anyone would dispute that Fleury's play largely determines where the Penguins tend to finish.

That's not really my premise. I'll try to lay out my argument one final time here. You said that the Kings were a mediocre team that won the Stanley Cup because of Quick. I'll break that into 2 problems.

First, the Kings weren't a mediocre team, even in the regular season. They finished with 100 points. They were a top-10 league in the team. They were the 4th best possession team, a statistic that better predicts future success than any other statistic out there, in the 10 years that Corsi can be accurately calculated in. They had the lowest goals against in the entire league. They had the 3rd best goals-differential in the entire league. Yes, they were one of the lowest scoring teams, but you can't just ignore all that other stuff because they couldn't score. You're making it seem like they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. They had an 11-point advantage on the 9th place team, they didn't sneak in.

Next, Quick. Yeah he was good for them in the playoffs. But he wasn't great. And he didn't need to be because LA scored at an elite rate due to a very high shooting percentage. If you think that Quick was the driving factor behind LA's Cup win then you're saying that his stats were more impressive than LA's scoring. I made up a chart showing the Stanley Cup finalists in the past 7 years and included their goalies save percentage and their goals per game. I added Quick's "adjusted" save percentage too, even though nobody else had the opportunity to ignore their first 3 games if they weren't flattering to them. Quick's ".920" really isn't all that special in that light.

The reason is it's not a particularly talented group of offensive hockey players. I appreciate that the Standings aren't the be all and end all of what makes a team good but neither is the ability to fit into a system designed to maximize possession numbers.

And, for what it's worth, I never said Quick carried them. In fact, I wrote a post specifically distinguishing between what Quick did and, say, what Giguere did in '03.

It was more this comment that made me want to post:

... but the Kings absolutely fit the last line of my initial post as a mediocre team who won the cup by virtue of getting a hot run of goaltending at the right time.

That group of hockey players were also among the highest scoring playoff teams we've seen since the first lockout, along with being an elite possession team. Both of those factors were more important than Quick's goaltending when they won the Cup last year.

I know it's not really the point here, but I gotta take exception to the "so-so" and "mediocre" labels that last years Kings team is getting. They posted some of the best possession numbers we've seen since the first lockout. They were a pretty great team that didn't have much offence during the season for whatever reason. But they averaged 3.38 goals a game in the playoffs, which is a pretty crazy high number. I'd say that their offence carried them more in last years playoffs than Quick.

I'll tell you, I don't remember them playing together much at must have been very short lived, or my memory is letting me down, again. 

No, they definitely didn't. But I remember Quinn started a season with Tucker-Sundin-Mogilny (Mats-Alex-Darcy) and the experiment lasted like a couple of games because of how awful they were defensively even though they scored. Ah, accountability.

When Phil is on his game, he's an elite playmaker that needs a better centre, but I'd rather spread out the offense of McDavid and Kessel over the 2 lines. 

Well I mean it all depends on how they would click in training camp and whatnot, but keeping them apart could have it's benefits. For starters we don't know how Leafs fans would react seeing a legit 1st line winger playing with a legit 1st line centre. All of our minds could explode.

I remember when Sundin and Mogilny didn't play together, and people used to go bananas over that.

Remember the short-lived M.A.D line?

When Phil is on his game, he's an elite playmaker that needs a better centre, but I'd rather spread out the offense of McDavid and Kessel over the 2 lines. 

Well I mean it all depends on how they would click in training camp and whatnot, but keeping them apart could have it's benefits. For starters we don't know how Leafs fans would react seeing a legit 1st line winger playing with a legit 1st line centre. All of our minds could explode.

So, speaking of the's obviously a long shot, but what if the Leafs get McDavid?

How does that affect the rebuild?  He's likely to start with the team, and therefore beginning his ELC immediately.  I would think that this fast forwards the rebuild somewhat over, say, drafting Strome.

To me the biggest thing that changes is Kessel. If we get McDavid then Phil isn't going anywhere. I'd still be looking at stripping away parts like Bozak and, well, Bozak, and the idea behind being patient with our non-McDavid prospects would still be the same. But it definitely fast-forwards our rebuild quite a bit, enough so that Phil would still be a very valuable contributor to the team when we're ready to compete. 

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs Next Coach?
« on: Today at 02:14:58 PM »
McKenzie was on Leafs Lunch a few weeks ago talking about coaching options.  He was asked about Babcock coaching the Leafs, but named another guy he thought might be a more interesting candidate.  The guy he mentioned was Jeff Blashill of Grand Rapids, Detroit's AHL affiliate.  He figured if Babcock left Detroit (not likely to the Leafs), then Blashill would be a shoe-in to take over Babcock's job, but if Babcock stays in Detroit Blashill would be in high demand.  I think it's an intriguing possibility, although I'll admit I don't know much about him.

I don't know much about him either, but he's the most talked-about AHL coach at the moment. I wonder if somebody in his position would be concerned about joining a team like the Leafs that will likely be pretty bad the next couple of years. He'll likely be in some sort of demand, if not this offseason then maybe next. Would waiting for a slightly better opportunity be smarter than potentially tarnishing your reputation by coaching a bottom-5 team? Look what happened to Eakins. He went from the same position Blashill is in right now to a guy who might not get another head coaching gig for awhile.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs Next Coach?
« on: Today at 09:52:07 AM »
My guess is that Pete DeBoer, Todd McLellan, and Dale Hunter are the 3 most likely guys to be the next coach. I don't really have a clue which one would be best. Hunter rubbed me the wrong way during his stint in Washington though, I also think the nepotism factor there makes me a bit wary.

47-23-7, 101 pts | 28-42-6, 62 pts 

Projected Lines








   Victor Hedman
Tyler Johnson
Peter Holland     
Brandon Kozun 
Casey Bailey

Game Notes

•Andrei Vasilevskiy (7-4-1, 2.30 GAA, .920 Sv%) will likely start for the Lightning
•Tampa is coming into the game fighting for 1st in the East, and beat Montreal last night 5-3
•Hedman left Monday's game after falling into the boards, he's questionable to play against Toronto. He could join defencemen Coburn, Garrison, and Sustr on the shelf
•The Lightning don`t have any spare defencemen on their roster so if Hedman can`t go someone will have to be called up

•Reimer gets the start once again for the Leafs
•Holland will miss the back-to-back, but could be ready to return to the line-up this weekend


•Tyler Johnson - Undisclosed - Questionable Tuesday
•Victor Hedman - Lower Body - Questionable Tuesday
•Andrej Sustr - Upper Body - Injured Reserve
•Jason Garrison - Upper Body - Injured Reserve
•Braydon Coburn - Lower Body - Injured Reserve
•Stephane Robidas - Shoulder - Out for season           
•Roman Polak - Hernia - Out for season
•Peter Holland - Lower Body - Out Tuesday

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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Tank Nation UNITE!!!
« on: Yesterday at 11:50:01 PM »
There's still a couple minutes left so knock on wood, but Oilers look like they're going to win again.

Congrats for not jinxing it. 3 points back, technically 4. 6 games left. Anything could happen.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs sign college UFA Casey Bailey
« on: Yesterday at 02:15:11 PM »
I didn't see this Bailey play the other night...anybody see anything to get excited about?

Nope. He pretty much looked like a guy playing his first NHL game.

Good to hear he fit right in.

So...what about this Connor Brown Kid?  Is he good enough to make the Leafs in a year or two?  Is he a top 6 player, or can he play on the bottom 6?

Brown actually worked pretty hard on his defensive game during junior. He was named the 2nd best penalty killer in the Western conference in the 2014 OHL coaches poll. And he kills penalties for the Marlies too. So top-6 or bottom-6? He'll probably be more of a middle-6 kind of player. The biggest knocks of him during junior were size and speed, but he's worked hard to improve at both those areas too. I was hesitant about his NHL future until he was able to prove he could produce at the professional level, but given what he's done in his AHL rookie season I'm optimistic he'll be a good player for us.

The Marlies followed up a tough loss which LK totally jinxed on Saturday vs. Hamilton with a big win Sunday against Rochester. They're still 2 points out of a playoff spot, but they have a pair of games in hand.

Connor Brown had a 4-point game, taking over the rookie scoring lead in the process. He has 55 points in 66 games. Nylander had a goal and an assist, his goal being a very pretty one coming from an equally impressive pass by Brown. I'll post the link below. They'll both finish the month of March with 10 points in 11 games.

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