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Komarov has had just 1 game in the past 15 where his CF% was over 50%. And that was against Arizona and they're barely a NHL team. Basically ditto for Kadri, although he squeaked past 50% in one extra game by a single shot attempt. Komarov's at 38.2% in possession in his last 15 games and Kadri's at 41.6%. Kadri has 4 5-on-5 points in those games, Komarov has 0. Those are brutal numbers.

This is a crazy idea, I know, but maybe try not playing them together?

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This is also pretty striking:

Some more stats from exit polls:

Old white people suck.

The good news is that the Leafs have banked a lot of points (regardless of if they earned them or not) and our division is absolute garbage. There's almost no way that they fall out of the 2-3 slots in the Atlantic, which is really the ideal place to be given the set-up. So they do have time to figure all of this out.

Step one should be making sure Matthews is 117% healthy. He shouldn't play another game until that happens.

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This is also pretty striking:

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I'll give up literally all of my possessions if somebody can prove that Trump actually wrote this out all on his own.

I would like to point out that in my last game I was on the ice for 7 minutes straight because our team was decimated by people having to work.  Clearly Babcock should be employing this strategy in the NHL because if I can play 7 minutes straight in my beer league everyone should be doing it at the NHL level.

Shhhhhhhhhhh he might legit do this with Hainsey shhhhhhh

Someone commented earlier about Polak not doing his job clearing the front of the net on the second Flyer goal. I brought that up the other day and was told you can't do that anymore. BS. You can still get positioning on a guy and try and move him out.

Bringing up a play where a goal was scored while a player was attempting to clear the front of the net is a strange way to say players should still clear the front of the net.

I understand Babcock wants to teach them to be able to play this way, but he's asking thoroughbreds to plough the fields.

He's asking snowmobiles to heat the house.

Last minute of play down a goal....and Nylander is on the bench.  Babcock needs to get his head out of his rear end

I agree 100%.  That's just insulting to Nylander.  Absolutely ridiculous and somebody in the media needs to call him out on it.

So who else thinks that Nylander is probably going back to the 4th line because he lost the puck there on the empty netter?

I would have been very happy with a single point here. Darn.

Polak's here to kill penalties and clear creases. So far tonight he's taken Toronto's only penalty and allowed the guy he was battling with in the crease to tip in a puck.

I missed the PHI goal, what was Babcock complaining about?

Marleau was kicked out of the faceoff for a rather dubious reason, so Hyman had to take it. Philly won it clean and got a shot off right away to score.


This is actually pretty interesting.

Thanks Elliott!

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Can't seem to find the Leafs....

They're hidden behind Winnipeg.

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