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And really, when you think about it, aren't they really making a valid point about the inherent meaninglessness of this sort of ritual and ceremony on a larger scale? Real validation comes from within, from self actualization. Maybe by eliminating meaningless nods to the crowd, Dion and the gang are really making a point about the hollowness of our ceaseless quest for external validation?

Maybe they, as pro athletes, are inherently aware of their place on the vanguard of our misplaced priorities as a whole. I think it's really possible that the decision not to salute the crowd was done as a little push on our way to discover our truer selves.

I wish you were the Leafs PR guy during this.

Are you seriously making the case that a meaningful change to make after two of the worst performances in the team's recent history is to switch up what they do post-victory?

I never said it was a meaningful change to make, so no.

This has to be the greatest tweet on this situation. Seconds after Phaneuf says the decision to not salute the crowd wasn't an attack on fans:

Rob Longley ‏@longleysunsport  9 minutes ago
Pjhaneuf said fan snub was a group decision

Complete with Rob spelling Phaneuf's name wrong because he was in such a hurry to press tweet.

I could understand if the paying customers at the ACC started booing or something when the players left the ice.  But isn't the fact that nothing happened a pretty good indication that fans don't really care about it?

It's 2014. In the hour following the game there were 15 tweets with the words "salute" and "leafs". 9 of them were either from a member of the media or a fan responding to a media member who posted about it. Just 2 of them indicated that the fan was angry.

None of these people have yet made an argument why this matters.

It hurts the fans feelings. You know, the ones who didn't know they were angry until they turned on sports radio this morning.

Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie  11 minutes ago
It's REALLY dumb so many talking about TOR players not saluting fans, but not half as dumb as players picking THAT moment to alter routine.

Say it ain't so Bob!

Following possibly the two worst back-to-back games this team has ever played isn't a good time to change routines?

The only quote I could find, from an unnamed player, was that they wanted to change things up after a losing streak.

I'm sure we'll get some actual quotes after practice today, but still all the damage has been done.

NHL Transactions / Re: Spezza signs extension in Dallas
« on: Today at 11:14:22 AM »
More than I expected him to be re-signed for, but still a good move for Dallas.

I still can't believe Nill was able to obtain long-term #1 and #2 centres within a calendar year.

Aside from their top-3 forwards and starter goalie the rest of the roster could use a lot of help, but he's still done a good job given what he had. Hemsky hasn't worked out like I thought he would.

No because it's a super important thing that the Leafs didn't do just none of them noticed until well after the game when it was publicized.

Even still, these guys all have Nonis' cell phone number, Dion's too I'm sure. You'd think if Traikos called and said "Hey I'm about to publish an article saying you hate your fans, any comment?" that somebody would have been happy to provide a quote saying that's not true.

So I've read a few articles about this and I'm starting to notice a trend. This is from Michael Traikos of the National Post:

So when the Leafs did not salute the fans by meeting at centre ice and raising their sticks in unison a tradition that the New York Rangers popularized years ago it was a non-gesture that might have been aimed at the wrong target.


I dont know if the Kessel and the rest of the team purposely decided to snub Leafs fans after the game on Thursday. But if they did, they got it all wrong. The fans on Thursday were as good as you could have expected considering the mood around the team in the last seven days.


If it was planned, it was a passive-aggressive move that essentially poured gasoline on the fire in what is an already toxic relationship. Chances are the Leafs will deny their intent was to send a message. They might have simply wanted to acknowledge that they got themselves into this mess and they got themselves out of it.

All these articles based on a theory the media made that the Leafs did this as an FU to the fans. Also, not a single quote from anybody from within the Leafs organization. This guys have access to the team right? Have they bothered to ask what's up here?

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Ian White Alert
« on: Today at 10:42:07 AM »
Mark Divver ‏@MarkDivver  17 minutes ago
Ex-NHL defenseman Ian White signs a PTO with @AHLBruins

Thought it was very weird this guy fell off the rails.

NHL Transactions / Re: Spezza signs extension in Dallas
« on: Today at 10:34:42 AM »
I would have taken a big run at him this summer if he was available, but I didn't think his cap hit would be that high.

Works for Dallas though with Seguin signed to that sweetheart deal.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2014/15 Roster moves thread
« on: Today at 09:49:30 AM »
how does that work, he doesnt have to clear waivers. Is this a special option?

Players coming off the IR can go on a short conditioning stint as long as the player approves.

Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin  6 minutes ago
Hoping it's okay if I don't take this latest Leaf "controversy" with even the slightest bit of seriousness.

Damien Cox: voice of reason?

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2014 - Lfs: the Season in GIFs
« on: Today at 09:47:31 AM »
Here's my favourite:

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