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Here are the games for this round.  Deadline is 7PM Saturday.  All times Eastern.

Good luck all!

Sat. Dec. 2

Toronto @ Vancouver           7PM
Detroit @ Montréal                7PM
San Jose @ Tampa Bay        7PM
Anaheim @ Nashville            8PM
Chicago @ Dallas                  9PM
Edmonton @ Calgary           10PM

All Sports But Hockey / 105th Grey Cup Game November 26, 2017
« on: November 20, 2017, 05:36:30 AM »
The 105th Grey Cup game is the CFL's championship showcase, which will be between... 

Calgary Stampeders         Toronto Argonauts     

The last time these two teams met was in 2012, in Toronto at the Rogers Centre (formerly Skydome), in that year's 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup championship, with the Argos firmly winning that one.

Quarterbacks Ricky Ray of the Argonauts, and Kevin Glenn of the then Calgary Stampeders, (now a Saskatchewan Roughrider), were part of the matchup from that time.

The Argos fended off the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Toronto at BMO Field, Sunday Nov. 19th in the Eastern Final, in a last-minute victory appropriately led by Ray.  Final score was 25-21 in favour of Toronto.   


Meantime, the Calgary Stampeders outsmarted the Edmonton Eskimos at Calgary's McMahon Stadium, Sunday Nov. 19th in the Western Final, in a 35-28 win.


105th Grey Cup Game  Sunday November 26th, 2017 hosted in Ottawa at TD Place. Kickoff at 6:30pm ET. 

Halftime show to feature Canadian songstress Shania Twain:

“It’s an absolute honour to return to the Grey Cup stage in the nation’s capital during Canada’s 150th birthday,” said Twain. “I’m thrilled to be coming home and being a part of the country’s biggest annual party.”

“Shania is a massive Canadian icon and a global superstar, so we are so excited that she will help us cap off such a significant year for our country at the 105thGrey Cup in Ottawa,” added Randy Ambrosie, CFL Commissioner. “This promises to be a fantastic event and a special performance for our fans and viewers across Canada and all around the world. I can’t wait to get the party started at my first Grey Cup as Commissioner.”

Source:   3downnation

GO ARGOS!           

Non-Hockey Chatter / Remembrance Day 2017
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:56:17 AM »

     In honour of this country's 150th year, Canadians....
                                       from coast to coast....

                                      from city to city.......

                                      from town to town......

                                      from place to place......

                                      from sea unto sea........

                                      from mountain to mountain......

.....Thank you"  for your sacrifice, courage, and fighting for our freedoms for this land we all call home.

To our men and women who today continue to represent with pride our nation abroad....bless you and thank you.

                 November 11th, 2017.....In Remembrance....

                                           Lest We Forget

Non-Hockey Chatter / "Happy Halloween!' 2017
« on: October 30, 2017, 08:38:11 AM »
    Time for ghouls, ghosts, and goblins  TMLfans. . .

Here are the games for this round.  Deadline is 7PM Saturday.  All times Eastern.

Sat. Oct. 28

Philadelphia @ Toronto         - 7PM
NYRangers @ Montreal         - 7PM
Los Angeles @ Boston          - 7PM
Anaheim @ Tampa Bay        - 7PM
Pittsburgh @ Minnesota        - 8PM
Washington @ Edmonton      -10PM

General NHL News & Views / 2017-2018 Injury Thread
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:28:44 AM »
Anaheim Ducks Patrick Eaves recovering from Gulliain-Barre Syndrone and is reportedly in stable condition.

7 Events / 2017-2018 Pick'em Standings Thread
« on: October 09, 2017, 08:50:11 AM »
Leaderboard tallies after Round 1

Leafaholic99         16
hockeyfan1           15

Non-Hockey Chatter / Thanksgiving Day 2017
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:14:46 AM »
        To all at TMLfans...

Welcome everyone!

The TMLfans Pick'em Challenge returns for a new & fun season! :) :)

Note:  For those unfamiliar with this game, here are the rules:

This game is pretty basic and easy to understand, you get a list of 6 games that are happening on the weekend (Sat-Sun, Fri games are thrown in sometimes too). You then select which teams you think will win and assign a point value to each team, 6 points to the team you are most confident will win, 5 points to the next team you are more confident and so on, you can only use each point value once (6,5,4,3,2,1) here is an example:

Leafs 6 - Sept 24th - Leafs @ Sabres 19:00 EST
Sens 1 - Sept 24th - Sens @ Habs 19:00 EST
Panthers 4 - Sept 24th - Lightning @ Panthers - 19:30 EST
Oilers 5 - Sept 24th - Flames @ Oilers - 20:00 EST
Jets 3 - Sept 24th - Jets @ Predators -  20:30 EST
Ducks 2 - Sept 24th - Ducks @ Canucks - 22:00 EST

Picks are due before the earliest game starts, so in this example you have to pick before the Leafs/Sabres and Sens/Habs game. No changing of picks once the earliest game has started. Any poster submitting their picks after the earliest game starts, won't have their picks tallied for that week and any poster modifying their submission after the earliest game starts, will have all their picks for that week not count.


Are we now all set for the Challenge? 

Deadline 7PM Saturday.  All times Eastern.

Good luck to all!


NYRangers @ Toronto     - 7PM
Nashville @ Pittsburgh     -7PM
Montreal @ Washington   -7PM
Dallas @ St.Louis             -8PM
Philadelphia @ Anaheim   -10PM
Los Angeles @ San Jose   -10PM

10 Events / Coming soon....
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:14:51 AM »

...stay tuned...

               's here!

New faces, new hopes, a new G.M., new (tweaked) unis, etc.  The Toronto Raptors, along with the rest of the league, are well into training camp, and will play their first pre-season game this Sunday (Oct.1st).

Here is a list of many things Raptor:

The team roster

The 2017-2018 Schedule (including pre-season games):

Raptors start the regular season Oct. 10th at home versus the Chicago Bulls.



Place:   Yankee Stadium    New York, NY

Fri. Sept. 29
Starting Pitchers:   Joe Biagini              RH  (Jays)       3-12   5.34  ERA
                            Masahiro Tanaka     RH (Yankees)   12-12  4.94  ERA
Time:                    1PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sat. Sept.30
Starting Pitchers:    Marcus Stroman     RH (Jays)         13-8  3.06  ERA
                             Jaime Garcia          LH (Yankees)     5-10  4.41  ERA
Time:                     1PM             
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sun. Oct. 1
Starting Pitchers:   Brett Anderson        LH (Jays)           4-4  6.97  ERA
                            Jordan Montgomery LH (Jays)           9-7  3.96  ERA
Time:                    3PM
TV/Radio:             Sportsnet,  The FAN 590




Place:   Fenway Park   Boston, MA

Mon. Sept. 25
Starting Pitchers:   Brett Anderson   LH (Jays)        3-4  7.15  ERA
                            Drew Pomeranz  LH (Red Sox)  16-5  3.15  ERA
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Tues. Sept. 26
Starting Pitchers:   J.A. Happ         LH (Jays)          9-11  3.64  ERA
                            Chris Sale        LH (Red Sox)    17-7   2.75  ERA
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Wed. Sept. 27
Starting Pitchers:  Marco Estrada   RH (Jays)          10-8  4.70  ERA
                           Rick Porcello     RH (Red Sox)    10-17  4.55  ERA
Time:                   7PM
TV/Radio:             Sportsnet,  The FAN 590




Place:   Rogers Centre   Toronto, ON

Fri. Sept. 22
Starting Pitchers:   Marco Estrada        RH (Jays)        9-8     4.84  ERA
                            Masahiro Tanaka    RH (Yankees)   12-11  4.73  ERA
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sat. Sept.23 
Starting Pitchers:  Joe Biagini              RH (Jays)           3-11    5.33  ERA
                           Sonny Gray            RH (Yankees)      9-11    3.38  ERA
Time:                   4PM
TV/Radio:            Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sun. Sept.24
Starting Pitchers:  Marcus Stroman      RH (Jays)         12-8   3.01  ERA
                           Jordan Montgomery LH (Yankees)     8-7    4.06  ERA
Time:                   1PM
TV/Radio:            Sportsnet,  The FAN 590




Place:   Rogers Centre   Toronto, ON

Tues. Sept.19.
Starting Pitchers:   Marcus Stroman RH (Jays)     11-8 3.08  ERA
                             Sam Gaviglio      RH (Royals)   4-5  4.35  ERA
Time:                     7PM
TV/Radio:               Sportsnet, The FAN 590

Wed. Sept. 20
Starting Pitchers:   Brett Anderson    LH (Jays)      3-3  5.73  ERA
                             Jake Junis           RH (Royals)   7-2  4.15  ERA
Time:                     7PM
TV/Radio:               Sportsnet, The FAN 590

Thurs. Sept.21
Starting Pitchers:    J.A. Happ            LH (Jays)      9-10   3.76  ERA
                              Jason Vargas       LH (Royqls)  16-10  4.19  ERA
Time:                      7PM
TV/Radio:               Sportsnet, The FAN 590



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