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Having watched the Leafs against Boston, followed by the Sabres against the Leafs, I look forward to seeing what Boston do to that Sabres team tonight.

They are currently tied 2-2 in OT.

3-2 BOS in OT.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Jian Ghomeshi
« on: Yesterday at 02:37:06 PM »
(just look at the flak the author of the xoJane article got, and all she accused him of was being creepy and a bad date). 

I don't know what exactly it was, but I just got a weird feeling reading that xoJane post.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Compete level!
« on: Yesterday at 01:25:56 PM »
Ashton has speed and some of the energy we need on most nights, and showed well in the AHL at the end of last year, and has grown roots in the pressbox.  I don't get it.

What makes it even stranger is that with Spott behind the Leafs bench now he should have a pretty big fan of him within the coaching staff. On multiple occasions last season Spott called Ashton a NHL player. And you'd think given the success Spott had with Holland and Ashton on a line together in the playoffs that the Leafs would want to try that duo out on the 4th line.

And with the amount of ice-time he's giving the 4th line, you'd think it wouldn't be a big deal to get Ashton at least one of the first 10 games.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Jian Ghomeshi
« on: Yesterday at 10:08:08 AM »
Thought Jian Ghomeshi looked like a respectable guy.  If these allegations prove true, then, I as a female, will have lost all respect for him.

Better not be true.  Shame on you, Ghomeshi!

Thing is you never really know somebody unless you KNOW them.  Celebrities can show any persona they want on air.  My sister loved the show Q and thought Ghomeshi was this sensitive, caring, patient and intelligent guy because he did great interviews.  I'm sure many people thought this way because that's how he was on air.  If these allegations are true, what a scumbag.

I know someone who works very closely with him (I don't know the person super closely or anything) and I know in the immediate aftermath this person was posting Jian's facebook comments and being supportive.  Don't think they had any idea really.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Opening Forward Lines
« on: Yesterday at 09:43:39 AM »
Good article on how well Kadri-Lupul have played so far this season even if it is not reflected in their point totals:

For the inquisitive, here is some of the math on how snake bitten the Leafs second line has been.

Kadri has been on the ice for 69 shots for and 57 against at even strength, making him one of only five forwards on the team with a positive ratio in that regard. The Leafs have scored only three times on those 69 shots, however, for a 4.35 shooting percentage that is way below Kadri’s career average (9.70).

But that’s not really on him. Kadri has scored two of those goals and taken 13 of those shots, meaning that the defencemen and wingers he has been on the ice with have converted on only 1.8 per cent of their opportunities.

That’s led to Kadri having the 15th lowest PDO among forwards leaguewide, meaning essentially he has been one of the unluckiest players in the league.

All these numbers are ridiculously low and unsustainable over a larger set of games.

The funny thing about Kadri being in this position and taking heat early in the year is that two seasons ago, exactly the opposite happened. In the lockout-shortened year, he led the league in both on-ice shooting percentage and PDO, had 39 points in his first 36 games and was hailed as the league’s next breakout star.

What had actually happened was he got every bounce possible: Everything went in.

The next season, his production normalized (50 points in 78 games last year) and he drew criticism despite finishing tied for 80th in league scoring while playing on a second line.

Now, his “puck luck” has dried up entirely.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Compete level!
« on: Yesterday at 09:05:52 AM »
Even in the preseason he was underwhelming.

Was only played in 3 preseason games and averaged 8:00 in those games.

Even in preseason Carlyle wouldn't give him any minutes.  In preseason!

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Jian Ghomeshi
« on: Yesterday at 12:12:38 AM »
I think Big Ears Teddy is going to be Jian's only friend really soon.

There's a twitter account by that handle with posts from April, and it was pretty clear set up by a women Ghomeshi had physically abuse. In fact, one of the first couple tweets calls him out just for that. Apparently, he was very well known in the media for being inappropriate with women - though, I imagine the physical/sexual abuse stuff was something that only those who experienced were aware of.

Yeah that account is....just wow.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Compete level!
« on: October 29, 2014, 04:28:44 PM »
As was stated several times in the GDT, you can't draw a single valid conclusion about the Leafs' play from last night's game, other than they managed to beat a club that looked like it belongs in the ECHL.

That. Although, the game reaffirms that if Kessel is given space, he makes any player on his line start looking worth his contract.

I think tougher linemates would make kessel more consistently effective against tighter checking teams. I'd really like to see (don't laugh) Komorov on his line, along with Santorelli, who's completely outplayed Kadri, imo.

That's what this thread is all about. Top teams don't give space on defense and make their own space on offense. Maybe Kessel needs to be used on a line that's deployed like a scalpel in very sheltered minutes (similar to Kadri's first full season) instead of head to head against the other top lines.

He had 5 points in 4 games vs. Boston last season, 40 in 45 games vs. playoff teams (no idea how that compares league-wide).

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2014-2015 NHL Thread
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:10:36 PM »
Get the feeling he's not long for Buffalo...


Sabres' Cody Hodgson says being on fourth line doesn't matter to him. Ted Nolan says Hodgson is close to being a scratch.

Is signed to a 6-year deal at $4.25 M.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Compete level!
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:55:28 AM »
agreed with Freer, the 4th line was actually noticeable last night. I though Holland played very well.

I liked Holland's game as well.  But last night the team gave up 8 shots on net during 5on5 play... the fourth line was on the ice for 3 of them.  Corsi-wise, the three of them were a combined -11 last night. 

I got chastised for bring up their bad possession stats after a few games for "such a small sample size"... but the sample size keeps growing and the results remain the same- even against the worst team in the league.  I don't blame Carlyle for limiting their minutes at this point- they haven't earned more.

Well individually only Holland has even 60:00 worth of 5 on 5 ice-time so far.  They're getting really low minutes and starting less than 20% of their shifts off face-offs in the offensive zone, the lowest figure on the team (Orr last season started 30% in the OZ, for example), so that will contribute to chances against.

If it continues, it will be a problem to address but it's hard to say right now because of how they've been used.  I imagine once Booth comes back you'll see someone knocked down to the 4th line and that may help as well.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs 2014/2015 Schedule in 10 game chunks
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:22:39 AM »
Nice work adjusting to the rescheduled game; the chunks look nice. ^__^

That second chunk has some tough competition, too.

Yeah, that rescheduled game makes it a tough weekend of back to back and 3 games in 4 nights.

5 back-to-backs in the first 20 games seems like a lot.

Well, better than losing to them.

That was a nice pass.

Tonight will be a rare instance of tank nation wanting a win then.

I'm so torn. I want Randy gone, but, at the same time, I know the Leafs aren't going anywhere this season, so I want them to be extra bad . . . I suppose, since it generally takes a month or more for teams to adapt to new coaches, it probably doesn't matter either way. So, I guess it's win-win . . . in a kind of depressing way. I also really have my doubts about a loss tonight leading to Carlyle's dismissal. If the team is going to fire him, one game isn't really going to make that much of a difference.

I see Anaheim continues to struggle since Stanley Cup Winner Randy Carlyle was fired.  8) 8) 8)

Why do they need one more loss to decide to fire him?

Burke said he decided to fire Wilson after a loss where the fans got on him.  Maybe losing to Buffalo would just be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I don't believe it though.

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