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Quote from: Coco-puffs on Today at 11:53:53 AM<blockquote>
Quote from: mc on Today at 11:50:56 AM<blockquote>

No screen.

I don't see the puck until after it passes the defenseman.... that's a screen my friend.  Like I said before, I still think he should have had it.  I just don't agree it was a "floater" or an "easy save".

I do.  That's a terrible goal.  The defenseman leaned away from a long wrist shot.  Fleury just did his usually playoff choke job.

Watching the TSN SportsCengre Panel analysis last night, Mathews Byron (or Aaron Ward) suggested that while it looked like an easy shot to stop, the puck hops -- lay flat onto Foligno's stickblade -- which when shot, it can be difficult to stop even if you think you can (as Fleury obviously tried to do).

Bob McKenzie countered that at the end of the day, all anyone's going to be talking about is Fleury bumbling the tying and OT goal.  And the Penguins' stars (Crosby, Malkin) and the weak defence.


Quote from: Derk on Today at 08:44:39 AM<blockquote>Wow, I didn't realize the Ducks' goaltending was going to fall apart. Andersson with one stinker last night, plus another from Benn that he probably should have had (although it was a well placed wrist shot from just inside the blue line, but far enough he should have had it). Could the Ducks be in trouble here?


With Getzlaf out of the lineup dorast night's game (aside from Selanne), as well as defenceman Stephane Robidas, things seem to be going downhill for Anaheim right now.  Add to that their shaky goaltending and the situation looks worst than it should already be.

Since Anderson and Hiller were duds in Dallas, would the Ducks go with unproven John Gibbons in net for Game 5 (in Anaheim)?  It wouldn't surprise anyone if they indeed did.  Too risky but then again, their 'veteran' goaltenders afe already showing signs of riskiness.

Every bone in my body despises the Bruins. I am not a bit ashamed to say I will root for the Canadiens to beat the Bruins.. Sick and tired of every Bruin

You've got a fan here.  I'm with you.  :)

NY Rangers 4   Philadelphia 1.   Rangers lead series 2 games to 1.

The Rangers (and former Flyer) Danny Carcillo, he of the fighter fists, scored a god, got into a fight and stared a Flyer fan back, while at thl other end of the ice, Philadelphia's Claude Giroux, he of the sniper wrists, recorded his first shot of
the series.  (Ahem) but obviously this series has it's

Anyways, it was the Rangers all the way, as they got goals from St, Louis, Girardi, ad Stepan,
Defenceman Mark Streit scored Philadelphia's lone marker. 
Also, for the Flyers, looks like netminder Steve Mason is ready
to return for the next game (thoug no word yet from Flyers
coach Berube).  Judging by Ray Emery's play, the Flyers
should be desperate enough to anticipate their top
goaltender's return (Mason).

Game story

Game story:

San Jose 4   Los Angele 3  OT.   Sharks lead series 3 games to O.

Desperation times for the L.A. Kings as the San Jose Sharks have them hanging  on the precipice of elimination.  Lady Luck does not appear to be on the Kings' side.  Too too bad.

And the Raps hold off Brooklyn 100-95 to tie the series. Good. :)

Bravo!  :)
Thanks to DeRozan's "heroics":

Boston 3   Detroit 0.  Bruins lead series 2 games to 1.

Boston's goaltender Tukka Rask was "stellar". 
Detroit's Howard not so much.  Pretry well sums up the match.


Oh, how woeful Tampa Bay.  If Bishop had been in net for them, it's doubtful the Habs would have swept this series so easily. 

Also, what if the Lightning had still had Martin St. Louis.  It would have helped to take the heat off Stamkos plus being an extra threat offensively.  Maybe having St. Louis might not have made a difference, bot I'd like to believe that it might
have had an effeot somewhat.

All Sports But Hockey / Re: The Official 2014 MLB Thread
« on: April 22, 2014, 03:13:30 PM »
The Brewers Gomez goes ape...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Whether you like the guy or not, I always find it interesting to hear an outsiders opinion on what the Leafs are doing. Here's JR's take on Shanahan coming inů.

This is a few day old already, but..

Agree with JR 100%.  Also his commenting on the rest of the Canadian-based teams as well.

Cooke to attend in-person hearing...

If I were the DOPS, I'd suspend him for the rest of the playoffs, or for as long as Barrie is out.  Players like Cooke have no business playing the game as dirty as they come.  Obviously, he hasn't learned anything from his past indiscretions and subseqent

Pittsburgh 4   Columbus 3.  Penguins lead series 2 game To 1.

Carrying a two-goal lead going iinto the second period just couldn't sustain itself for the Colombus Blue Jaokets, as the Pittsburgh Penguins turned on their high octane offence and put the game away, while goaltender Fleury provided solid netminding  the rest of the way.

"It's not ideal, especially when it's 2-1 and you fall behind (by two goals) again," said captain Sidney Crosby. "Typically, it's not the way you win hockey games. But it showed a lot of character and a lot of patience."


General NHL News & Views / Re: Round 1: (P1) Anaheim vs. (W2) Dallas
« on: April 22, 2014, 01:09:58 AM »
Dallas 3  Anaheim 0.  Ducks lead series 2 game to 1.

Aside from Stephan Robidas fracturing his leg (ard han unfortunote incident for Anaheim), the Ducks had to contend with Stars' goaltender Kari Lehtonen and a
Dallas team that was determined to win.

Stars got goals from Jamie Benn, Nicushkin, and Horcoff.

For more, go to:

Chicago 2  St. Louis 0.   Blues lead series 2 games to 1.

'Hawks shuffled their lineup inserting Patrick Kane on the top line alongside Jonathan Toews and it resulted in the only goal the 'Hawks would need, while Marcus Krueger added  the empty net marker to seat the win.


Cooke's kneeIng of Barrie...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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