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5 Toronto                - Philadelphia @ Toronto
6 Montreal              - Ottawa @ Montreal
3 NYIslanders        - Tampa Bay @ NYIslanders
4 NYRangers         - NY Rangers @ Carolina
1 Minnesota          - Nashville @ Minnesota
2 Vancouver          - Calgary @ Vancouver

New Raptors logo.  Altogether with new team uniforms that will be unveiled next summer....

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official Weather Thread
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General NHL News & Views / Re: KHL news
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The KHL told by current KHLer Tim Stapleton...

MotM:  Bernier
Hm:     Lupul

Good works by JVR, Kessel, Bozak, Kadri, Booth, Holland, Winnik, Holzer.

Those Ducks fell apart, or rather, the Leafs offence did the damage, as yet another solid performance by Bernier along with the Leafs offensive display dance show.  Particularly liked Kadri's perfectly timed toe drag shot, as well as Lupe's wrister howitzer.

Enjoyed the show!


8 Events / Re: 2014-15 Pick'Em Standings Thread
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Leaderboard (including Round 11):

hockeyfan1        145
Madferret            133
BarMutt               131
Tigger                  130
seahawk             103
Big Daddy            90
AlmosGirl             12

This is how I find Rd 11

BarMutt   15
Tigger   13
hockeyfan1   12
seahawk   6
Madferret   3

If its correct will put Rd 12 sometime Thur

Yep, pretty well correct.  :)    Awaiting Round 12...

Lupul, he's so hot right now.

? no points in last 4 games = hot?

Maybe he meant this?

Methinks he looks better without his jersey.   ;D

MotM:    Reimer
Hm:        Santorelli

Mentions to Lupul, Kadri, Kessel, JVR, Winnik, Franson, Holzer, and the rest of the team.

...and this:

John Shannon  @JSportsnet
Just spoke to Wayne Gretzky.Confirms that he's "unofficially" working with Bill Foley in Vegas.Says he introduced him to business partners.

Good game especially the fact that the Leafs outshot the Wings, peppering Mrazek with 40+ shots.
They also outshot Detroit in the second period alone, by a margin of 20-5.

Great effort on all fronts.  Way to go Leafs, way to go!

MotM:  Bernier
Hm:    Panik  ("highlight of the night")

Good works by Kadri, Winnik, Van Riemsdyk, Kessel, Santorelli, Reilly, Phaneuf, Holzer, Franson, et al.

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