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Non-Hockey Chatter / RIP Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)
« on: Today at 05:51:02 AM »
For those of us fans of "The Saint" and "The Persuaders" television shows of anothwr era, no one embodied the essence of suave and cool than the dapper Roger Moore.  In fact, Moore's first foray into television was as Simon Templar in the popular "The Saint" series. 

"The Persuaders" in which he starred with American actor Tony Curtis in the role of Brett Sinclair,  showcased the essence of 'cool' that Moore effortlessly came away as, in his own unique way, much as he had done in his previous series in "The Saint

When Moore took on the role of playing James Bond,  he brought a sort of fun campiness in his portrayals of 007, some of which are favourites amongst those who enjoyed that genre of  Bond films.  Surely a departure from the more serious '60's  Bond films of Sean Connery fame.

I enjoyed watching episodes of "The Saint" and some of the early Bond films.  Moore had the face to be funny, campy, cool or serious yet unmistakingly always looking as dapper as could be.  Anywhere, in any role, Roger Moore never disappointed.

Rest In Peace and thank you for some great entertainment.


Blue Jays  4  Brewers 3

It all happened in the fifth.  Fifth inning that is, when the Blue Jays took a 4-0 lead on Morales' two-run homer.  Fine. Good.

Then, Jays starter Joe Biagini was tagged for three runs and the Brewers narrowed in on the lead.  Alas, the Jays relievers pitched solidly denying Milwaukee any opportunity to get runs on the board.  Osuna final out & save.  Danny Barnes the win.

Jays' rookie Anthony Alford had his first career hit, a double. 

Game recap:

Don't worry. An OTT/NSH final will electrify North America from coast to coast. Even Sourpuss Nik will warm up to it. Break out the vuvuzelas.


Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Official Music Thread
« on: Today at 01:59:34 AM »
22 killed and over 50 injured in a suicide bomb attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England last night.

I mean, I don't understand why you'd attack any kind of concert, but one that is primarily being attended by teenagers and probably mostly teenage girls is even harder to try and fathom.

Because all religion is a plague on this planet and should be abolished?

I know where you are coming from, but the root cause of the issue is belief mixed with crazy, and I am not sure if you can abolish that.

That is true, it's just my frustration at what people will do in the name of a 'god'. Far more harm has come from all religion, than any good it may do or may have done.

There is no end to this stuff, at least I don't see how there can be, with so many brainwashed people.

Maybe anyone under the age of 18, not be exposed to religion, but there is no way to enforce that.

I just wish that Science and facts were taught to everyone, from an early age, not religion. So maybe we can have critical thinking kids / adults, in the future. Our planet and future human kind, would thank us.

You must be joking. Replace it with what? Satanism?  Wherever there exists a void, it will be filled with another belief, demogoue, or other.

Every religion has it's extremes -- be it Christian fundamentalism or Islamic fundamentalism -- in it's various forms.  They exist everywhere all over the planet. 

At the other end, there are sensible, practical people who are deeply religious yet flexible to understand how to apply the best and basic tenets of their religious beliefs to everyday life.

Evil's brand of religion isn't in the name of religion, which they  use as the excuse for martyrdom and revenge in it's most brutal form.

These people who apparently enjoy killing are either brainwashed or paid to undertake such dastardly endeavors. Who knows who finances terror groups?  Who is behind them?

Absolute cowardice.

General NHL News & Views / Re: The elephant in the room...
« on: Yesterday at 02:38:03 AM »
Are you saying it's bad because of the cap/parity?  If so, I'd amend that to say that parity per se isn't the the problem.  Parity is only bad when the talent pool leaguewide is not deep and wide enough to sustain the evenness at a high enough level to be interesting.  A 24-team NHL with parity would probably produce consistently better playoffs.

I would also add that the playoffs themselves are a boring war of attrition simply because they are too long.  There's no need for the first two rounds to be anything other than best of 5.  Also institute 3/3 OTs during those rounds.  Then go 7 and regular OT for the last 2.  That would at least get the Cup presented in May, not June.

Finally, it's time for a new commish with new dynamics with owners, new ideas.  Love him or hate him, Bettman has been at the helm too long now.

A shortened regular season may also be a welcome change, that way, the playoffs can begin earlier in late March and end by the middle of May at the very latest.  Or something thereof.

As for playoff rounds, best-of-fives for the first two rounds sounds plausible and best-of-seven the rest of the way.  I don't think it
would hurt to tinker with the playoff format, it's just that don't think Bettman is the one to do that.

I still think a slightly shortened season may be the better option.  More rest for the players, fewer games played, more intense level of competition, and more energy for the playoffs.



Place:     Miller Park    Milwaukee, WI

Tues.May 23
Starting Pitchers:    Joe Biagini RH (Jays) 1-2  3.41 ERA
                              Jimmy Nelson RH (Brewers) 2-2 3.86 ERA
Time:                     7:30PM
TV/Radio:                Sportsnet, The FAN 590

Wed. May 24
Starting Pitchers:      TBD
Time:                      1:30PM
TV/Radio:                 Sportsnet, The FAN 590

Source:   WKTYSports,

IIHF Hall of Fame Inductees:

Joe Sakic                  Canada
Angela Ruggiero        USA
Teemu Selanne         Finland
Uwe Krupp                Germany
Saku Koivu                Finland
Tony Hand                 Britain
Patrick Francheterre   France
Dieter Kalt                 Austria


Tournament MVP (as selected by media):

William Nylander     (Forward)  Sweden

All-Star Team Selections (by the media):   

William Nylander     (Forward)  Sweden
Colton Parayko       (Defence)  Canada
Dennis Seidenberg  (Defence)  Germany
Nathan McKinnon    (Forward)  Canada
Artemi Panarin       (Forward)  Russia
Andrei Vasilevski     (Goaltender) Russia

Selections (as chosen by Tournament Directorate):

Artemi Panarin       (Best Forward)       Russia
Andrei Vasilevski     (Best Goaltender)   Russia
Dennis Seidenberg  (Best Defenceman) Germany



"It's hard to describe when it goes to a shootout like that," Alexander Edler said. "Everything happens so fast and you're world champion. I’m letting this sink in. It is an unbelievable feeling. It was two good teams that played really well and really tight. In a shootout you never know what is going to happen but Henrik was great in net."

"We had chances to finish it in overtime, but I guess that's the way it goes," said Canadian Travis Konecny. "But you know what? Our goalie kept us in that game, he was great, he stood on his head all night and gave us a way to get back in it. Overtime was nerve-wracking. I dunno, it's tough to swallow but at the same time they played a good game. It's heartbreaking, it's not what we came here for but it's good experience for me. It's my first time coming to this. There were definitely a lot of butterflies in those last minutes, in overtime and the shoot-out, it's crazy.".

In the Bronze Medal Game, Team Russia beat Team Finland 5-3.


My favourite thing about this tournament is how sad Canadian and Swedish players are going to be now that they aren't playing with Nylander and Marner anymore. Everybody on Team Sweden seemed to love Nylander and MacKinnon literally said he wanted to take Marner home with him.

Willie named tournament MVP.

It's almost getting embarrassing being a Leaf fan.

Being a Leafs fan has never felt better!  :) :)

Congrats to the Tre Kronor.  Way to go, Willie!

Way to go to Marner, too!  Great tourney for Team Canada.

Blue Jays 3  Orioles 1

Thankfully no more Wellington Castillo game -winning home runs.  This time, rather than the Orioles, it was the Blue Jays Devon Travis who played the hero with his three-run homer.

Jays starter Estrada pitched a little over seven innings and got the win.  He was relieved by Joe Smith.  Osuna with the final outs & the save.

At least the Blue Jays salvage a win by avoiding getting swept, thanks in part to the Orioles error-prone game,  which played to the Jays favour.

Source:  Sportsnet,  ESPN

Skirmishes erupt at end of Game 5 won by the Predators 3-1 over the Ducks

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Blue Jays 5   Orioles 7

That Wellington Castillo of the Baltimore Orioles has a thing or two about the Blue Jays.  For the second consecutive game in this series, Castillo's three-run homer in the seventh inning sealed the win for the Orioles. 
In yesterday's game, Castillo hit the game-winning home run in the bottom of the 10th.

“Those stung a little bit,” Blue Jay Russell Martin, starting for the first time in nearly two weeks in his return from a shoulder injury, said of his catching counterpart’s heroics.

Speaking of injuries, by the way, Jays Aaron Sanchez went back on the DL once again, due to recurring  finger problems. 
Jays starter Mike Bolsinger lasted a little over five innings allowing four runs.

The Jays have been putting up the offensive numbers, what with Bautista's three-run hone run that vaunted the Jays ahead 5-4--only to watch Castillo ruin the show later.  Oh!


All games Sunday at the LANXESS Arena in Cologne:

Gold Medal Match
Team Canada vs Team Sweden

Bronze Medal Match:
Team Finland vs Team Russia


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