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Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Series 32: Royals at Jays
« on: Today at 02:56:37 AM »
Wolf is one big gigantic piece of garbage.  Donaldson gets hit in the 1st inning.  He calls a warning on both teams.  Tulowitzski gets hit on the wrist in the 8th and then a pitch gets thrown at Donaldson's head (got away from Madsen).  Gibbons gets thrown out.

Bottom of the 8th, Sanchez throws a pitch down the middle of the plate that Wolf calls a ball.  Next pitch gets away from him and Wolf throws him out.  Absolute bush league.

I was at that game. That umpire has no idea what he's doing to keep order in the game. He didn't toss one Royal when we had far more players either hit by pitches or almost hit by pitches. He throws out Sanchez on intent, but why was there no intent on the Royals pitchers? Cheap moves by a cheap team with horrible calls by the umpire to match. I booed half the game.

Couldn't quite believe Sanchez was given the heave-ho, considering the fact that neither Royal Volquez nor Madson was turfed.  Do these umpires hate the Jays?

I'm with you!

All this 'culture change', and 'hard work' stuff is starting to worry me a bit.  It's too soon!  Lie back down, damn it!!   8)

You gotta hire the architects and all that before you tear down your old house to build a new one. That's all that's going on now. The change has started at the top, but, really, there hasn't enough change to the significant parts of the roster to have much of an impact on their overall success. They're still a few seasons from getting up.

I have a sinking feeling your wrong. At least the part about them being a down and out, bad team for a few seasons still. I think you may be underestimating the impact of a well organized structured team. Once this squad plays with some discipline, I'm guessing we'll see a noticeable improvement, right off the hop. I think they may even challenge for a playoff spot this year.

Redleaf, we can see you are an optimist as towards this Leaf team's accomplishments this upcoming season.  But, reality I'm afraid, is most likely to be quite different, as Busta pointed out.

Don't get me wrong.  I am optimistic for the simple fact that the organization has undergone and done with the many changes as we've seen thus far,, both in the personnel and player departments, which so far seems and sounds (and will be all for the good), at least something is finally pointing in the right direction, and I expect the team itself over time to yield Improvement.

Just not so fast, this year.  I'd be surprised if the Leafs make the playoffs.  As optimistic as I am about this team's future, I doubt a playoff spot will be in the offing, so soon, so fast.

All Sports But Hockey / Re: The MMA Thread
« on: Yesterday at 05:40:06 AM »
Ronda Rousey best fighter in the world currently.

She dedicated her most recent fight and win (over Correia) to the late Rowdy Roddy Piper, who apparently was a "huge influence" for her in her path to greatness in her career.

Debris, or what looks more like a wing flap, was found by officials on the French Reunion Island (near Madagascqr) last week.

Officials believe that it (the debris) are remnants of a Boeing 777 airliner (Malaysia Air 370) and will investigate further in the hopes that it will yield more details in the disappearance of Flight 370:

A wing flap suspected to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 arrived at a French military testing facility Saturday, where it may help experts shed light on what happened to the plane and its passengers.

 French aviation experts will try to establish whether the wreckage was part of the Boeing 777 that disappeared March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board.

Air safety investigators, including one from Boeing, have identified the flaperon as being from the trailing edge of a Boeing 777 wing, a U.S. official said. Flight 370 is the only missing 777.

"I believe that we are moving closer to solving the mystery of MH370. This could be the convincing evidence that MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean," Malaysia's deputy transport minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told AFP.

Analysts at the French aviation laboratory hope to glean details from metal stress to see what caused the flap to break off, spot explosive or other chemical traces, and study the sea life that made its home on the wing to pinpoint where it came  from.

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays closing in deal for David Price?
« on: July 31, 2015, 01:27:41 PM »
David Price  @DAVIDprice14
Holy forearms!!! Very flattering photo but not me...thanks. #jays RT
@BlueJays: Welcome to Toronto, @DAVIDprice14!

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays closing in deal for David Price?
« on: July 31, 2015, 09:30:37 AM »
The deadline is 4PM today.  Doesn't look like AA is quite done yet...

"Right now we’re working on some small things,” Anthopoulos said Thursday.

What exactly? Anthopoulos isn’t one to tip his hand, but he said Thursday that he’s already had numerous discussions on a lot of starting pitchers. It’s possible he could circle back and revive the discussions that had to be set aside while completing the Price deal.

“Two things get deals done,” Anthopoulos said. “Deadlines and momentum.”

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays closing in deal for David Price?
« on: July 31, 2015, 08:55:09 AM »
With NYYankee pitchers  Pineda on the DL and concerns about CC Sabathia's health, if AA hadn't signed David Price, there may have been a good chance for the Yankees to take him.

Guess AA won the chess match. 

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Scam CRA phone calls
« on: July 31, 2015, 04:35:16 AM »
Everyone should be aware at all times.  Scammers will resort to just about anything... such as the one I received through the mail -- little yellow postcard size letter alerting me to a $500 gas card win.  I ignored the first few of these as they kept coming in, claiming that they couldn't reach me and that I needed to contact them by phone (as they needed some more details before I could claim my win).

Well, I sensed something wasn't right.  The amount of claimable winnings on these cards kept changing from $500 to $100 to $300, a gas card from any one of the major companies such as Shell, Petro-Canada, Esso, etc.
I had recently filled out a survey on Shell Canada's website with the potential to win a $100 gas card to be used at any Shell gas station. But if I had indeed won a Shell gas card I thought, it would have been sent by Shell itself via mail and I would have been contacted by them.

Anyways, I was very tempted to call the phone number provided on one of these postcards (which by the way, also kept changing with each individual one sent),  but hindsight told me to do some 'research' before even attempting, so I searched the web and voilà there it was -- someone had posted about these yellow postcards with claimable winnings and was warning others not to give in, it was nothing but a scam!  (The person herself had received them, decided to find out what they were all about and found that it was a money-grabbing scheme to get your personal details AND most importantly,  one's credit card number by telling the winner that they needed to subscribe first to a bunch of discounted magazines, etc., monthly fee and then they could have their gas card.  In other words, you'd give them all the details, they'd bill your credit card monthly and then you'd get your supposedly won gas card.  What these people really are after -- your credit card!

I hope no one out there fell for this trick.  I definitely didn't, thank goodness!

Ken Daneyko did an article for The Players' Tribune on Lamoriello:

I liked this part:

Everyone understands that a successful team in hockey is full of guys who understand their role, but convincing guys to fill a role they think is below them isn’t easy...
A player’s perception, and his salary, is generally determined by a limited number of stats...


...the guys who didn’t buy into his system were usually quickly dealt with. But if he knew you cared and would do what it took to win, he would do everything in his power to get the very best out of you.

Exactly someone this Leafs team needs.  Lamoriello's know-how in changing the culture plus his mentorship role in the front office should be a boon for the organization in general.

Well-written article as per Daneyko on Lou.  He tells it like it is.

Lamoriello has strong basketball roots:  see

Lou Lamoriello, who became a part of the MLSE organization when he was hired as Leafs GM recently, has strong basketball roots:

Adrian Wojnarowski   @WojYahooNBA
Lou Lamoriello has two great basketball legacies: Hiring Pitino at Providence and pushing ownership to let Rod Thorn make Marbury-Kidd trade.

Adrian Wojnarowski   @WojYahooNBA
Lamoriello influenced a lot of young basketball coaches, including Jeff Van Gundy on Providence staff and Lawrence Frank with Nets.

By 2018, the Rogers Centre should have a "natural grass field" for the Jays.

The idea began in 2014, even though the field currently sports the new artificial turf that was placed in this season (2015).

Replacing with grass will most doubt take time, but it will get done, a promise first stated by Jays President Paul Beeston and others in the Blue Jays organization.

"We need the time as well to make sure we do this right, because we’ve got one shot at this,” said Stephen Brooks, the Jays’ senior vice-president of business operations.

“As soon as you put jackhammer to concrete . . . you better know what you’re doing.”

Though the partnership has yet to be formalized, the Blue Jays are working with researchers at the University of Guelph to test and develop the blend of grasses best suited to the Rogers Centre’s unique conditions and also the methods by which it will be maintained.

Here it is: (article dated April 2014)

Quote from: hockeyfan1 .link=topic=3290.msg234202#msg234202 date=1438182408
It (the article) is still worthy to post and to know.

Well it is kind of important considering the team no longer "has eight games left to play on their homestand" wherein "we should know a lot more about how big a deal this turf is."

So, Deadspin pretty accurate, eh?  (*sic*)

It probably was. When the article was published. In April.

That's the point.  Even if the article dates back to April, it's worth a read.  That is all.

Oh, perhaps I should have stated that it was an old article (the way I did other times).  My mistake.  But, no need for all the vitriol.  😐  ::)

Some secondary All-Star Game logos:


It (the article) is still worthy to post and to know.

Well it is kind of important considering the team no longer "has eight games left to play on their homestand" wherein "we should know a lot more about how big a deal this turf is."

So, Deadspin pretty accurate, eh?  (*sic*)

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